About Our Paint

A range of richly pigmented water-based paints with flawless finish and coverage. A Zero VOC* paint that is breathable, scrub resistant and antimicrobial. Farrelly & Co paint is created using high-calibre raw materials and is 100% vegan.

Not all paints are created the same, and with sustainability at the forefront of everyone's mind, our paint is Made To Order resulting in less waste.

When we first launched Farrelly & Co in 2020, we quickly realised it was fundamental to develop our own brand of paint.

We needed a paint that not only matched our passion for colour and the transformational process but a paint brand that matched our premium approach. We are perfectionists in everything we do, and our Premium Collection is no different.

Our Premium Collection is a curated range of 58 paints. Our paints are inspired from our experience transforming and restoring period homes.

When you decide to buy Farrelly & Co paint you are getting more than just a beautiful finish, you are getting passion and knowledge from one of this country’s leading painting companies.

From colour to pigment to finish, I will be recommending Farrelly & Co paint to everyone! With the added benefits such as Zero/Low VOC and high scrubability, I look forward to updating the rest of my home in Farrelly & Co colours. Would recommend in a heartbeat.
-Gráinne M

Why Farrelly & Co Paint Is Different ?

Water Based


Zero VOC

Zero VOC*

scrub resistant

Scrub Resistant


Child & Baby Safe


Air Purifying Paint


Richly Pigmented

Eco friendly

Made To Order = Less Waste


100% Vegan

Water-based paint is the more eco-friendly choice, as it produces fewer fumes and potentially harmful chemicals, and is a more easily biodegradable paint. It’s odour-free, which makes for a much more pleasant painting process.
Zero VOC/Low VOC - Solvent Free

VOCs or Volatile Organic Compounds are present in everything from air fresheners to carpets and paint. Not all water-based paints are low in VOCs,  but we’ve taken extra care to ensure that our VOC ‘count’ is as low as possible. This means fewer irritants and fewer irritations for you. Making painting less harmful for both you and the environment.

Our water-based Pure Matt and Silk Matt interior paint is Zero VOC and our Finest Eggshell finish is Low VOC which means it is formulated without the toxic carbon-based solvents found in other paints. VOCs are emitted as gasses and can pollute the environment and the air inside your home, posing health risks. According to the EPA, the air inside can be up to ten times more polluted than the air outdoors, so we made it our priority to create products that support healthier indoor air, while still delivering outstanding performance.


Scrub Resistant = Longer Lasting Paint

When considering the environmental impact of a painting project, it's crucial to consider both the immediate and long-term effects. Because the more durable the paint is, the less often it will need to be repainted due to wear and tear, scrub performance should be considered when selecting a finish.

The quality ingredients in Farrelly & Co paints deliver excellent durability and the highest possible scrub performance rating of Class 1.

Child & Baby Safe

Our 100% water-based paints are certified child and baby-safe in accordance with Safety of Toys Part 3: Migration of certain elements (EN 71-3:2019+A1:2021) and HACCP compliant. That means they're also healthier for the little ones in your household.

With minimal odour, zero or low levels of VOCs depending on the chosen paint finish, and the toughness to withstand the wear and tear of life, our child-safe paint finishes give you the comfort to add some colour to your child's room.

Air Purifying Paint
Air Purifying Paints contain a molecular sieve which is designed to both stop harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from being released into the air and to trap them as they float through a room. The sieve’s non-toxic crystalline tubes are designed to filter specific harmful VOCs, including formaldehyde, glycol, and benzene. These air purifying paints are engineered to improve the air quality within your home without the harsh odors of traditional paints.
Richly Pigmented
Our paints are developed to perform in today's modern world. Our colours are durable, pigmented and washable. Our paint is easily applied in just two coats, with fantastic coverage over any surface. Farrelly & Co paint is a dream to work with, making it easy for you to get a flawless finish. It’s self-priming, adheres well to any surface and covers effortlessly.
Made To Order - Less Waste

All Farrelly & Co paint is made especially for you, ensuring you receive fresh paint every time you order. 

Most water-based paints have a shelf life of 12 months. Along with made to order paint being better for the environment you are also guaranteeing that your paint hasn’t been sitting on a shelf for a few months.

Along with our Made To Order Paint, our peel and stick paint samples create 95% less waste than tester pots. We hope with these positive changes we make a difference in the painting industry.

100% Vegan & No Animal Testing
We never have, and never will, test any of our paints on animals, so you can always be confident that you're painting your home with a cruelty-free product. Our three paint finishes, Pure Matt, Silk Matt and Finest Eggshell are all vegan, containing no animal-derived ingredients.