Transform Your Bathroom with Colour: An Expert’s Guide to Bathroom Painting Tips

Transform Your Bathroom with Colour: An Expert’s Guide to Bathroom Painting Tips

Today, let's delve into a very popular topic: bathroom painting tips. We firmly believe that the right paint can work wonders in transforming your bathroom. Whether you're a seasoned DIY enthusiast or new to the game, let's explore some key tips that will truly make a difference.

Colour Selection

This is where your bathroom transformation begins. The choice of colour sets the mood and character of the space. Opt for soft pastels like tranquil blue or a soothing pale green (Applecross) to create a spa-like ambience. These colours promote relaxation and can make your bathroom feel like a serene retreat after a long day. If you're feeling bold, deep shades like navy blue (22:22) or dark green (Grands Boulevards) can add drama and sophistication.

Natural Light

Bathrooms often have smaller windows, so make the most of natural light by selecting lighter shades. They'll bounce light around the room, making it feel more spacious and inviting.

Accent Walls

If you're not ready for a full bathroom makeover, consider painting an accent wall. This approach allows you to introduce a pop of colour without overwhelming the space. Choose a vibrant shade for an eye-catching focal point. An accent wall can breathe new life into your bathroom without a massive time or financial investment.

Paint Finishes

Don't just think about colour; consider paint finishes too. Bathrooms are naturally very humid spaces, so ensure to pick the correct paint finishes. We would recommend our Silk Matt or an Eggshell finish. Bathroom walls are subject to splashes and spills so by choosing a higher sheen paint finish you will ensure longevity.

Bathroom Paint Samples

Before you commit to a colour, always test it with samples in your bathroom's lighting conditions. The way a colour appears in your local paint store can differ significantly from how it looks in your space. By using our Peel & Stick samples, you make an informed decision, preventing any unwelcome surprises.

Accessorise Wisely

Once your bathroom is freshly painted, bring in the finishing touches with thoughtful accessories. Coordinating towels, shower curtains, and decor items that complement your chosen colour scheme ties the entire look together. These accents elevate the design, giving your bathroom a cohesive and polished appearance.

Remember, painting is a transformative tool in interior design. Your bathroom should reflect your personality and provide a sense of relaxation. So, embrace your creativity, experiment with colours, and let your bathroom become a canvas of self-expression.

The right paint choice can turn your bathroom into a sanctuary, a place where you start and end your day with a smile. Happy painting!