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Our Zero Waste Peel-and Stick samples allow you to instantly sample our carefully curated paint colours – simply peel and stick. There will be no messy paint pots and no more watching paint dry!

Our peel and stick paint samples are also far more accurate than the traditional method of painting swatches over your existing colour, so you can be confident that what you see is what you get.

Our Zero Waste Peel and Stick samples come in our most popular finish Premium Interior Matte, perfect for testing colour on your walls.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Are your samples accurate?
Farrelly & Co Zero Waste Peel-and Stick samples are made with our Premium Interior Matt paint to ensure they’re 100% accurate to our colour range.
What surfaces can I use samples on?
The Zero Waste Peel-and Stick samples have a gentle adhesive that provides a long-lasting hold on almost any surface. When you've decided on a colour, simply peel them off with no marks or damage.
What size are your samples?
Our Sample Stickers are A5 size.
Can I recycle my samples?
Farrelly & Co Sample Stickers can be easily recycled in standard recycling bins.